Second Annual WV ASH Bash Picnic September 13, 2014

On September 13, the Godless of West Virginia Congregate in Morgantown for ASH Bash Two!

Second Annual West Virginia Meeting for Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists

Who: Morgantown Atheists invites all Deity-Free West Virginians and Neighbors – Atheists, Skeptics, Humanists, et al.

Who: Fred Edwords,the national director of the United Coalition of Reason, will give a 20 minute talk on “Building Our Community for Action: how can we crystallize the mission and goals of our community, deal with classic problems, and organize for more effective activism?” This interactive presentation will provide proven techniques for strengthening our groups and improving secular social bonding toward the aim of increasing our power and influence, followed by a question and answer session.

What: BBQ Potluck ASH Bash (Atheists, Skeptics, Humanists, et al.)

Where: Dorsey’s Knob Park, Fawley Lane, Morgantown, WV under the pavilion

When: Saturday, September 13, 2014 from 11 am to 4 pm

All Godless West Virginians, this is the place to be! Meet new friends of all ages and refresh yourself with people who think like you. Morgantown Atheists are pleased to host Fred Edwords, the national director of the United Coalition of Reason. Organizations and individuals from neighboring states are also welcome. This is a potluck, family-friendly BBQ.

Why: While people reporting themselves in surveys as unaffiliated or not religious have risen to over 20% nationwide, having a strong network is more important than ever. Morgantown Atheists is fostering the growth and development of a secular community in West Virginia by bringing all similar groups together. This second meeting is a casual, fun way to connect with others around the state who share similar values.

All Atheists, Skeptics, Humanists, Nonbelievers, Agnostics, Secularists, Science and Reason Lovers in and around West Virginia:

Bring chairs, sunscreen, coolers and ice, food and beverages to share. Some basics will be provided. No Kegs allowed.

Free admission and Family Friendly.


Meetup event:

Online Information:

RMC September

We are meeting at 5pm on September 28th at Robyn and John's for the Religion of the Month Club meeting.

This is a potluck.

You can help choose the topic on our closed FB group:

Religion of the Month Club August

We are meeting at 3pm Sunday August 24th at Daniel and Ivy's for a potluck.

Topic: Organizational Meeting. The goal is to find people to help with weekly and monthly duties for Morgantown Atheists. We first need to brainstorm how this would work out. If you're interested in helping Morgantown Atheists, please come and brainstorm with us. :)

This is a potluck, so please bring something to share.
Ivy says the following:

"We will roast our fresh garden root veggies and some sort of meat on the grill. If you're a vegetarian please bring something for yourself and we will grill it.

Suggested things to bring:
Fruit salad
Fresh crusty bread
Chocolate cake ;)
Chardonnay ;)
Side dish of choice."

Freethinkers Morgantown Book Club August

We are meeting August 17 for the Freethinkers Morgantown Book Club meeting.

We are reading: Risk Savvy: How to Make Good Decisions by Gerd Gigerenzer

Meeting location: Blue Moose, 248 Walnut St, Morgantown

Morgantown Atheists August Meeting

We are meeting August 3 at 5pm at the Kenyan Cafe for our regular monthly meeting.

Topic to be discussed:

Kenyan Cafe, 1137 Van Voorhis Rd #20, Morgantown

We'll probably be in the back room, so look for us there.

RMC July Meeting

We are meeting at 3pm on July 27th at Robyn and John's for our Religion of the Month Club meeting.

This is a Light Potluck - a "3(pm) and Gnosh", lol. Please bring beverages and snack or dessert foods to share. We might go out after the meeting to dinner together if people are in the mood.

Topic: the history Israel Palestine conflict. Please bring facts to share about the history of the conflict.


FMBC Book Club July

We are meeting at the Mountain State Brew Company on the Wharf on July 20th at 5pm. 

We are going to try to sit on the patio out back if it's nice weather. So look outside first, and if it's icky, look inside. :)

The topic is "bring in a book to share". Bring in a book or two to share with us. It can either be something you loved or something you hated and want to warn us off of. The books can be any topic. It can be something you read long ago, or last week.

MA July Picnic!

We are meeting at 11 AM on July 13th at Prickett's Fort State Park in Fairmont for a picnic.

This is a potluck picnic, so please bring something to share.

Bring the whole family. This is our first event geared for bringing all of the kids together to hang out with other like-minded kids.


Games for kids of all ages (for adults, too!).
We might have some kayaks, too. (so if you want to bring a life vest or two, etc)
Food and beverages

No alcohol is permitted, I'm sorry.

Meet down in the big parking lot by the water.