FMBC Book Club July

We are meeting at the Mountain State Brew Company on the Wharf on July 20th at 5pm. 

We are going to try to sit on the patio out back if it's nice weather. So look outside first, and if it's icky, look inside. :)

The topic is "bring in a book to share". Bring in a book or two to share with us. It can either be something you loved or something you hated and want to warn us off of. The books can be any topic. It can be something you read long ago, or last week.

RMC July Meeting

We are meeting at 3pm on July 27th at Robyn and John's for our Religion of the Month Club meeting.

This is a Light Potluck - a "3(pm) and Gnosh", lol. Please bring beverages and snack or dessert foods to share. We might go out after the meeting to dinner together if people are in the mood.

Topic to be discussed on the FB group:


Second Annual WV ASH Bash Picnic September 13, 2014

Save the Date!
September 13, 2014 in Morgantown, WV

Second Annual WV ASH Bash Picnic (Atheists, Skeptics and Humanists)
DATE: September 13, 2014, 11am – 4pm
LOCATION: Dorsey Knob Pavilion, Morgantown WV 26501

Morgantown Atheists are hosting the second annual WV ASH Bash in September 2014.

It is an open social event focused on developing connections between secular groups and people of all kinds across the state of West Virginia and the surrounding areas. All secular individuals and groups are invited to attend. We will have a speaker, Fred Edwords, from the National Coalition of Reason, and music, TBA.

MA July Picnic!

We are meeting at 11 AM on July 13th at Prickett's Fort State Park in Fairmont for a picnic.

This is a potluck picnic, so please bring something to share.

Bring the whole family. This is our first event geared for bringing all of the kids together to hang out with other like-minded kids.


Games for kids of all ages (for adults, too!).
We might have some kayaks, too. (so if you want to bring a life vest or two, etc)
Food and beverages

No alcohol is permitted, I'm sorry.

Meet down in the big parking lot by the water.

Religion of the Month Club Meeting June

We are meeting at 5pm on June 29th at Robyn and John's for our Religion of the Month Club meeting.

This is a potluck.

Topic: Wicca. Please bring some information about Wicca to share.


Freethinkers Morgantown Book Club June

We are meeting at Daniel and Ivy's for our Freethinkers Morgantown Book Club meeting on June 22nd at 5pm.

This is a potluck.

We are reading: 50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology: Shattering Widespread Misconceptions about Human Behavior


Morgantown Atheists Monthly Meeting June

We are meeting June 1st at 5pm for our regular monthly meeting.

We are meeting at the Atomic Grill - 595 Greenbag Rd, Morgantown

Topic: How to target people’s beliefs about themselves in order to make more effective arguments for science or atheism.

Based on this article: Why Do People Persist in Believing Things That Just Aren't True?

Come join our Facebook group to make suggestions for where we should meet:


We are meeting at 3pm on May 25th, at Joe and David's farm for the Religion of the Month Club meeting.

This is a potluck.

Come early and enjoy a little hike on our 75 acres! We will gather around 1, bring all weather boots/shoes!

It would be great to get a group photo of all of us as well, since we haven't had one in awhile.

Morgantown Atheists is delighted to once again have theologian Loring Prest as our guest speaker. Loring will be speaking on “The Protestant Reformation – Then and Now.” 

His talk will include events leading up to the Reformation, what it was about, and how it impacts us today, particularly in regards to American religiosity and the countless sects Christianity has splintered into.

We will also have a question and answer session afterwards.

Loring is currently Professor, Electronic Resources Librarian and Library Webmaster at California University of Pennsylvania. He holds a Master of Science in Library and Information Science. Loring left the ordained ministry in 1995 after serving for nine years. He also holds a Master of Theology from Grace Theological Seminary a Bachelor of Religious Education from Baptist Bible College of Pennsylvania.

Date/Time: Sunday, May 25, 2014 at 3 p.m.


FMBC Book Club May

We are meeting May 17th at Daniel and Ivy's at 5pm  for the Freethinker's Morgantown Book Club.

This is a potluck.

This is our easy month where everyone just brings in a book or two to talk about. It can be anything at all that you've read that you would like to share. It can be something you loved or something you hated or anything in between.